Burkina, Cape Verde, Chad, and Comoros

By , June 30, 2013 11:50 pm

So, it turns out DC does not have a restaurant for every country in the world. I know…shocking! We have had a hard time finding restaurants for a few African countries and so decided to do an African-themed potluck. Lucky for us, our friends Spencer and Cherry were having a potluck birthday party with some church friends from Togo and they suggested we join forces. Thanks Spencer & Cherry!

Spencer and I lighting birthday candles

The first dish we made was a Cape Verde vegetable soup from the Sundays at the Moosewood Restaurant cookbook. The soup was a delightful mix of cabbage, potatoes, okra, tomatoes, and spices. This was a really hearty, colorful and tasty soup.


Cape Verde Vegetable Soup

Our most loyal PIG Project Participant (PPP), Edmundo, brought a delicious iced hibiscus drink from Burkina Faso which he made from imported hibiscus flowers from Ghana.


Bissap a la Bonne Dame or Iced Hibiscus Drink

From Chad Kate made an interesting salad of rice, raisins, cucumbers, and bananas. I can’t say this was my favorite but it was interesting.


Chad Salad

An interesting side note: congruent with Cherry and Spencer’s party was a carne asada party put on by their Central American neighbors. Lucky for us they brought us over a plate of what might be the best tasting carne asada I’ve ever had. They had massive amounts of meat grilling. It really added to the international flavor of the evening!


Edmundo and I discuss the merits of carne asada culture

Finally, the following day Kate made Comoros’s sandwiches for lunch. You might be thinking this just looks like a regular old sandwich with boiled egg, tomatoes, and cucumbers, and you would be right. However, this is actually the national sandwich of Comoros, as evidenced by this Bing image search.

Kate's Famous Comoros Sandwich

Comoros Sandwich

Kate's Famous Comoros Sandwich

Kate trying to eat a Comoros sandwich. Delicious, yet unwieldy.


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  1. Momalicious Kelly says:

    I have never even heard of two of these countries. ONce, again, LONG LIVE THE PIG PROJECT!

  2. edsa says:

    I’m a PPP!

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