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DC is a huge hub for Ethiopian cuisine. Perhaps the highest amount of Ethiopian restaurants outside of Ethiopia. The DC Metro area has over with its 200,000 people of Ethiopian descent. Which is the largest Ethiopian population outside of Ethiopia itself.


This is a special edition of the PIG project because Neil’s mom Patty was able to join us.

We did takeout Ethiopian from a place near Neil’s brother Jesse’s house in Bethesda called Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant. Normally at an Ethiopian Restaurant everyone gathers around a single, circular metal platter the size of an extra-large pizza covered with a soft crepe-like bread called injera. Spicy, thick stew-like mains, amazingly tasty seasoned vegetables and pureed legumes are placed around the injera in small piles. The injera is used to scoop up the meal.


Gomen, “chopped collard greens steamed and tastefully heightened with onion, garlic, ginger, jalapeno peppers and traditional spices” and Doro Tibs “Lightly marinated Chicken Breast sautéed with onion, jalapeño and fresh tomato and other seasonings.”


Egg Wot, homemade berbere sauce served with two hardboiled eggs and Cabbage with Carrot cooked with tomatoes and onions deliciously seasoned with garlic, ginger and turmeric.


Ethiopian got mixed reviews from our 3 year old niece June, but we love it!

In law school I represented a client in immigration proceedings. Zewdie is from Ethiopia, so I learned a great deal about the country from her. She is also a fantastic cook! She invited us to her house for a home-cooked Ethiopian feast to celebrate her winning her asylum claim.


Zewdie came to graduation to cheer me on, even though she speaks no English and couldn’t understand any of the ceremony. She is the best!


Zewdie meeting my mom at graduation.

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