Keren Eritrean Restaurant

By , December 26, 2013 2:20 pm

Only in DC would you find a plethora of not only Ethiopian restaurants, but also a distinct cadre of Eritrean Restaurants as well. We went to Keren Eritrean Restaurant in Adams Morgan.


Thelma is one of our most dedicated PIG Project devotees. She doesn’t let the fact that she moved to NYC get in between her and PIG!

There are several main types of stews as the “main dish” served with  injera, the most heavenly sour (like sourdough) flat bread/ large crepe-like bread (made from teff, wheat, or sorghum). At this Eritrean restaurant the injeera was served rolled up, not under the dishes like I’ve had before at Ethiopian restaurants, but that might just be a personal preference of the restaurant. It’s much better this way, because it doesn’t get soggy. But, pretty much any way injera is served, it’s delicious.


You use the injera instead of utensils to pick up the food.


The dishes are shared communally.


Sean, Thelma, Kate, Neil, Amy, Edmundo, Shane, Courtney & Christian!!

There are plenty of absolutely delicious vegetarian dishes. The Eritrean Orthodox Church observes long periods of fasting, up to 40 days, which people can eat food and drink, but cannot eat meat or animal products, so there is a strong vegetarian lineup of dishes.


The salad is also delicious eaten with injera.

Eritrean and Ethiopian food are very similar, which makes sense given the close proximity and shared history of the two countries (Eritrea only gained independence in 1991). But, I found Eritrean dishes be a little lighter, perhaps with less butter or oil than the Ethiopian dishes I’ve had before.


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