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Replacing the Penguin.

By , April 4, 2007 4:59 pm

So here is my question. Why is the Penguin global warming’s logo? Aren’t there thousand other animals affected by global warming? Isn’t the Walrus as at risk as the Polar Bear, the Blue Whale, or the Penguin? In fact as far as evolutionary adaptations, Penguins are doing rather well. There are penguins in the Galapagos, aren’t there? Maybe it’s because Penguins are so cute or look as though they are in their formals. Actually the one thing they have going for them is their communal adaptations to deal with the cold. At least among the Imperial Penguins they must work together as a group to keep warm enough to survive the bitter arctic winters, just like humans must work together to save the earth from further warming and environmental degradation. Yet the Blue Whale, the Walrus, and the Polar Bear are much more interesting, at least I think so.

We should replace the Penguin with the Walrus because they are ugly and vulnerable, just as global warming is ugly and ecology vulnerable.


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